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Do not get a male cat.
Just don't.
You know what they do?
Male cats think they rule your house.
They spray EVERYWHERE.
It's embarrassing to have your floors covered with mismatched rugs when your friends come over - because you don't want them to see the gnarly consequences of having a male cat. So I used trusty old Yelp and found LUIS to clean our carpets. He was easy to get ahold of (he texts, yay!) and his rates are extremely competitive! He just cleaned our carpets and he did a GREAT job. I cannot see a single stain (believe me, I have hawk eyes) and I cannot smell any thing - no chemicals or nasty pet odors. The carpet looks even newer than when we first moved in! I definitely recommend Luis. He is awesome!!
Vanessa W.
San Francisco, CA
Luis came out to our home at the last minute on a weekend.
Did a fantastic job!! Great prices too.
He even spent LOTS of extra time cleaning some pet stains around the house, at no extra charge.
We will use him again FOR SURE!
Lynda M.
San Mateo, CA<
Luis, the savior!
I called Luis literally at the last minute because ANOTHER company failed to show up. Luis was kind enough of to agree to do our apartment with such a short notice. Infact, he took the trouble to get his equipment from the underground parking, up the stairs and into our apartment when he could come back another day with a different equipment that didn't require him to do all that. He did an exceptional job and am glad I called him. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and neighbors. Luis, Thanks onceagain!
Arthi O.
San Mateo, CA
Luis was great! No hidden costs, very reasonable, great service and super friendly!
Emo R.
Pacifica, CA
Chem Free. EXCELLENT service and communication. and a great price.
Truly professional.
i grabbed some extra biz cards to give to friends.
Luis is the Best.
Frank R.
San Francisco, CA
5 stars for SBBM and they didn't even touch my rug. Last weekend, I spilled coffee on a new $100 area rug. I did my best to clean it out myself, but the stain was stubborn and wouldn't disappear. Luis gave a very fair price over the phone and came the next day to see the rug. After inspecting the rug, he determined that a cleaning would only lighten the stain but not make it go away and he recommended just spending another $60 if I wanted a perfect rug. 5 stars for being an honest businessman and being responsive. He's a rare breed.
Raja B.
San Francisco, CA
They did are carpet today, and it looks amazing, brand new. We have2 little kids and 3 cats so it was very dirty.  He scrubbed for over 3 hours, did a couple of couches, and the bill was less then the estimate!  Very reasonable if not less then other quotes.  No chemical smell, on time, hard work.  Highly recommend these guys.

San Mateo, CA

Hurray for Sbbm All Organic Clean Carpets! Luis was punctual, super friendly, carried my area rug up and down the stairs and the price was right! Thumbs up on service and value! Use him, he's honest, reputable, and very friendly!
Sarah A.
San Francisco, CA
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